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One-Shot Fanfic


June 2000

EH? Another fanfic, you say? Why, yes. I'm not usually one that digs yaoi fics, but this one was particularly good. What absolutely drew me into reading it was the eloquence of the writing. Thanks to this fic, I'm probably going to be a bit more open-minded when it comes to my fanfiction! ^^


Ai Shiteru

One-Shot Fanfic


May 2000

What's particularly striking about this fanfic is an interesting point of view: does Kenshin love Kaoru as much as many think? Does Kaoru love Kenshin as much as we think? I think that even K&K advocates can appreciate this (being one myself ^o^;), give it a read. Am I going to say more to spoil this fic? Naaaah. ^^;;



RK Animated Cursor


November 1999

What I wonder is why I don't see more good RK animated cursors (or cursors in general) on the 'Net. Warkwark puts a painstaking effort into making these cursors (I wish that more would have been submitted ^o^); it's obvious. The colors in the image aren't diffused (those little dots ^_~), which improve the aesthetics of this particular cursor! What I really love about this one is that it reminds me of when I first saw the RK TV series and this episode in particular - This scene was very cute to me.



RK Wallpaper
640 x 480

800 x 600


October 1999

I've been waiting to feature her wallpaper for a while, now (this one is my favorite ^^). Not only are the images in her wallpaper high quality, but the way that the wallpaper is done is very tasteful; it's obvious that Jen knows what she's doing when she adds effects to the pics. Unlike a lot of others, her wallpaper doesn't look like a Photoshop filter test as each image is edited quite expertly!



RK Origami:
Enishi Kaoru


September 1999

EXACTLY what Kaoru and Kenshin say. Not only are these beautiful, but they're such a cool idea! I've never seen anime-related origami before at all, and am quite surprised that I haven't. Niko-chan posted these on the SASSE ML, and (though I should have been faster to ask about it) was nice enough to allow me to feature them here. ^^ Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Jac and Mel


Kenshin Winamp skin [download here]


July 1999

It was really hard for me to decide which of their Winamp skins I liked the best-- I decided on this Kenshin one in particular because I tend to use it the most. Everything works so smoothly on this skin-- the buttons are beautiful, and I love the color scheme! The picture is a nice choice, as well.



Kenshin Fanart


June 1999

I can't overlook this picture any longer! It's been here ever since the site opened, and I've been planning to feature it for a while now. Axel's art is absolutely amazing; you just have to check out her other work if you enjoy looking at fanart. What I really love about this piece is that there was a lot of care put into details like Kenshin's sleeves and sword. ^^



Group Enishi Hiko Kaoru Kenshin Sanosuke Shishio


April 1999

I have one thing to say: COOOOL! These cookies are absolutely ka-wa-ii (cute). Danielle-san made a lot of different characters, and made each one quite accurately (for a cookie ^_~). There's even one of Kenshin with a little bump on his head and a face like this: @_@ They look yummy, but I'd feel bad for taking a bite out of Kenshin's head, myself... ^o^;

Kris and Mike


Cosplay Pics:
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Kenshin/Kaoru: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
 Groups: 1 2

Kenshin/Sano Kenshin/Soujiro


March 1999

If you're a frequent convention goer, you've probably seen these two around. Kris and Mike (pictured above; this pic was taken at the latest Katsucon: Katsucon 5) are notorious for making Kenshin and Kaoru appearances at many a con. What I loved about their pics was that they're so CUTE together! ^-^


Heavenly Incarnations

Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20b(lemon) 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Epilogue


February 1999

If you haven't already read this, it's a story about Kaoru being killed. She goes to heaven and becomes an angel, but not just any angel. She ends up as Kenshin's guardian angel. This is my favorite Rurouni Kenshin fanfic, and one of the main things that influenced the making of this site! ^_^ Be sure to check out her other fics and creative endeavors here, and on her site!
* Spoiler warning for volume 18+ *