By Ashley Auld (Raya)

*disclaimer* Kenshin characters are property of Nobuhiro Watsuki-sama, Jump Comics, etc.

*Authors Note* This is my first attempt to write a lemon, so be nice.  It picks up right after where Chapter 20 left off.  I tried to keep it as tasteful and unoffending as possible and still include all the fun scromping lemony content.  If you are under 18, you really shouldn't read on, as this contains adult content ( ie. SEX!). But then again... I can't exactly stop you... =P

  * To Adults over age 18*  ^_^;; For full effect, if you have any romantic music then put it on in the background while reading.  This lemon was "composed" while listening to " I love you," By a popular J-pop group called Two Mix.

 "Kenshin…make love to me."
 She felt his whole body tense with that one sentence.  Looking up at him, she could see herself mirrored in his perfect, dark purple eyes.  Kenshin ran a hand up to her chin, setting a thumb at the base of her lip, gently running it over her mouth. Tracing her moist, reddened lips.
 " K-Kenshin?" Kaoru hesitated.  Did he want to? Or not?
 He looked at her intensly.  " Kaoru… are-- you sure you want to?"
 Wordlessly, she nodded her head. " I've wanted it for so long Kenshin… I remember even in my life-- how I wished you would hold me like you're doing now." Her voice shook in a faint whisper.  The sweet honey of it went straight to Kenshin's head, clouding his reason and his senses.  He wanted this-- He'd dreamed of her for so many nights.  And finally-- she was his.  She was giving herself to him.  She was all his.
 " Kaoru."  He cupped her face in his hands gently and brought his lips towards hers.  He kissed her with such tenderness that Kaoru felt as though she were floating.  She leaned into him and, copying what he had done, slowly coaxed his mouth open with her own tongue.  Kenshin's embrace tightened as their tongues played with each other.  Meeting and then retreating, tasting and indulging.   She sensed Kenshin's hands; they gently stroked up and down her back.  And when he found the place between her shoulderblades, and also between her wings, she arched her back with a sigh of pleasure.  Kenshin had found a tender spot, and he continued to explore it.  His kisses trailed all the way down her neck, until his tongue found the hollow at the base of her throat and indulged in her smooth, silky white skin.  Kaoru sighed his name with pleasure.
 " Kenshin…"
 " Shhh…" He brought his head up and met her lips again with a long kiss.  His hands traveled around to cup her breasts, massaging them gently.  His fingers found it easy to pull down her already revealing off the shoulder Kimono.  He brought his head down to suckle at one tender, perfectly round breast and then the next.  Kaoru gripped at the back of his Gi tightly, Her heart leapt in her chest.  Still gently massaging her, Kenshin trailed his tongue slowly up her chest, along her neck and over her chin, meeting her mouth once more.  Kaoru moaned into the kiss as he gently squeezed and ran his fingers over her nipples.
 " K-Ken…shin…" She sighed as he let her breathe again.  He took her own hands and set them on his chest.  Staring into her intense gaze, he was so serious and so focused.  Slowly, Kaoru pushed his Gi off of his shoulders, revealing his bare chest and the bandages that Megumi had administered just that day.  She traced her fingers over the muscles in his arms, and his shoulders, completely captivated with him.  Kenshin closed his eyes and sighed as she explored, running her hands, and soon her mouth and her tongue over his pectorals, biceps, his strong, narrow shoulders shook with delight as she shifted in his lap, straddling him and folding her legs around his waist.
Kenshin opened his eyes slightly as the caresses suddenly stopped, and saw her staring at his face intently.  Her arms folded around his neck loosely.  Her smile was so big it was as if she was laughing at him.
 " N-Nani?" He looked at her confused.
 She shook her head and leaned over to whisper in his ear.  " Are you going to help me out of these clothes? Or do I have to do it myself?"
 Kenshin chuckled in response, setting his hands on her hips firmly. " I'd be delighted to help." He whispered back.
 Kaoru sat, running her hands through his thick red ponytail as he untied the cord holding her Obi in place.  And her Kimono instantly loosened as he released the knot at her back.  Kenshin unwound it from her waist with expert fluidity and her Kimono fell open.  He gazed down at her creamy white skin.  Again bringing his hands to rest inside of the Kimono at her hips. Kaoru untied his hair and it fell loose down his back. She chuckled.
 " What is it now?" Kenshin whispered, slowly running his hands up and down her sides.
 " You untie an Obi so expertly…" She eyed him suspiciously.  " It seems like you've had a lot of practice…"
 Kenshin blinked for a moment. " Oro? Well--" he snickered and shook his head. " I think--"
 " Hmm?"
 " I think…that you ask too many questions." He teased.  And with a blink of an eye, he had her in his arms and rolled towards his open futon, which was only a few feet away. The next think Kaoru knew, she was lying on the soft mattress with Kenshin on top of her, he gazed down at her lovingly, removing the ribbon that held her hair in place.
 " You really are too smooth… you know that?"
 Kenshin didn't answer; he sat up, looking down at her.  Her body fully exposed to him.  She was perfect.  So innocent and yet so much a woman.  Her wings spread out to either side.  What an Angel she was…literally.
 " What?" Kaoru giggled, she brought her hands up to rest near her head and gave him a pouty look.
 Kenshin shook his head with a smile. She was making herself look so utterly irresistible.  " You sure you haven't already done this before?"
 Kaoru furrowed her brows at him.  " I think I would remember something like that…" She stretched out her arms to him and he accepted her embrace.  His hands ran over the smooth contours of her body until his fingers came to rest at the tender, central core of her.  Kaoru arched her back as he caressed her ever so gently.  She moaned in pleasure, encouraging him to further his exploration.  She'd never thought that such a feeling as she was experiencing was capable, until now.
 " Ken…shin…" she breathed his name.  She looked up at him amazed.  He smiled and took both her hands and led them to the ties at his Hakama.  Kaoru had a little trouble getting the knot untied.  But once she loosened them enough, the Hakama fell away easily.  Kaoru helped him remove his fundoshi  and soon they both lay together, their arms and legs entwined.  Kaoru ran her hands over his back; careful to stay away from the bandaged cut he'd received from Enishi.  He had so many old battle scars.  She'd never realized it before, but as she got a good look at his body, she could see scars old and new. -- She ran kisses over the long one on his chest, given by Enishi at their first battle, willing it to disappear.
 " If only I had my power… I could make them all disappear…" She thought to herself.  She looked up to his cross scar, resting the palm of her hand over it on his left cheek, imagining what he may look like if he didn't have it.
 " Nani?" Kenshin whispered to her.
 " Nothing…" Kaoru whispered back.  She removed her hand from his cheek and brought his head down to her chest.  She ran her fingers through his thick red hair as he worshiped her, kissing and suckling and massaging.  She ran her fingers over his hot skin, moist from the sweat and heat of their lovemaking.  And immediately moaned in pleasure as he touched her sensitive spot again.  She arched her back, her chest heaved. " Ken--shin…Ohhh…"
 She was ready, as she involuntarily spread her legs for him.  He positioned himself over her, but hesitated. He knew how much he was about to hurt her.
 Kaoru's breathing was heavy; her eyes closed tightly, her hands rested on his shoulders. " Ken…shin…"
 The sight of her was overwhelming, her skin was so soft, and her body so pure and beautiful.  He would take something from her that she would never be able to reclaim.  His sensible side was holding him back.  They weren't even married-- and yet… he wanted this so badly.  And she was willing it herself too.  And then, he knew that they could never marry-- so why should it be an issue? But still…
 His inner battle caught up with Kaoru, as she realized he was hesitating. Her eyes squinted open to look at him, he was in position to take her Maidenhead, but he had the cutest look of unsurety on his face.  His eyes met with hers and she knew instantly what he was thinking.  Her heart pounded as she brought one shaking hand up to caress his cheek.
" Make me yours…" she whispered.  " It's ok."
Kenshin didn't need any more encouragement.  He slid into her, making them one.  Kaoru cried out for one moment. Kenshin froze as he saw tears in the corners of her eyes.
 " K-Kaoru?" He said breathlessly.
 " Daijobu." She whispered her voice barely audible.  She gasped as he moved inside of her. The pain turning to sheer pleasure.  " K-Kenshin…" She moaned.
 She was tight around him, and with each push his ecstasy intensified.  He closed his eyes, feeling his control crumble around him.  Kaoru's fingernails dug into his back as she responded to his passionate motion. She moaned his name, her breath caught in her throat and she had to gasp for air.  She was lost in him, never wanting to find her way out.  This was where she belonged.  With him-- taken with heart pounding, sensual feelings that she never wanted to loose.  She would find a way to stay with him.  She wouldn't be separated from him!
 " Kenshin!" She cried, moaning as the passion intensified more-- He moved with her, both nearing their climax.  She threw back her head, arching her back stiffly as the most incredible feeling took over her.  Kenshin leaned forward, moaning into her heaving chest.  He cried out as their lovemaking reached its peak.  And, suddenly exhausted, he rolled out and to the side of her so as not to crush her.  They both lay motionless, with the exceptions of their labored breathing. Kaoru still had her eyes tightly closed. She lay with one hand resting on her stomach, the other still on his shoulder.  She opened her eyes slowly, and rolled her head to the side to look at him.  His red hair was plastered to his face and locks fell over his shoulders, spilling onto her chest. Kaoru was sure she didn't look much better.  But Kenshin gazed back with such love in his eyes as to make her heart melt.  She smiled with half closed lids.
 " Ai...shiteru…" she said slowly, regaining her breath.  Kenshin smiled and entrapped her in a tight embrace.  She snuggled into him, the heat of his skin was inviting to her shivering body. He kissed her forehead gently.
 " Aaa… aishiteru, Kaoru." His eyelids drooped lazily.  He drew the blanket over them both, and she soon joined him in sleep.
 " I won't be separated from him…" was her last thought as she drifted off to sleep.
 And for the first time in weeks, she had pleasant dreams.