So, you want to submit something? Follow these steps:

1. You have until the first of every month to submit (i.e. if you want to submit for April, submissions will be open from March 2nd until April 1st). If you miss that month, your entry will be listed the month after. There is no longer a due date on anything. ^^ Though I will continue with the monthly feature, I'll keep updating with whatever's in at the time.

2. Email me with the subject, "RK Creative Submission" and tell me what you want to submit. I prefer that you upload your submission to a web address so that I can download it, but if you can't, go ahead and email it (but warn me if it's ungodly large in file size, like 20 MB... ^^;)

Easy, Deshou? ^o^

Things to know:

- This is a great way to plug your site, or just post something cool that you did if you don't have a site! You can submit almost anything; fanart, fanfics, cosplay pictures, programs (I really want to see a Rurouni Kenshin version of Solitaire! ^^;), winamp skins, even photos of RK things that you've made! (I painted a mural of some anime characters on my furniture once...)
- Be sure to tell me WHAT you're submitting!
- When submitting pictures, please make sure that they do not exceed 130 k in size. If I recieve any larger, I'll compress the image to a smaller file size, but I promise I won't ruin it!
- I base the monthly feature on what catches my eye the most. Just because you don't get chosen for that month does not mean that your submission won't get chosen at all.