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ANNOUNCEMENT: RK Creative will be updated on Wednesday night, US PST-- I planned to updated it on the 5th as usual (when I get updates on time, anyway ^^;;;) but a friend who I haven't seen in two years is in town, so you know how it goes... there're some great submissions coming up! ^_^

If you're here, you probably have an interest in Rurouni Kenshin; many do. However, there are also a lot of people who are interested enough to DO something about it, whether it is to write a fanfic, draw a picture, or dress up as one of the characters at a convention. The purpose of this site is for you to show it all off!
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Fanfic: AOSHI by Kirsten
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EH? Another fanfic, you say? Why, yes. I'm not usually one that digs yaoi fics, but this one was particularly good. What absolutely drew me into reading it was the eloquence of the writing. Thanks to this fic, I'm probably going to be a bit more open-minded when it comes to my fanfiction! ^^

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(One person is much appreciated, but people, more would be nice, ne? You have an audience! ^_~;)
June 2000

- Kenshin wallpaper, from Shinta
- More Kenshin wallpaper, from Shinta
- Kaoru Window Companion, from Me
- New Contest! Look!
- Fanart of Kenshin, Kaoru and Kenji, from Me
10 June, 2000

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